Welcome to Animal Cruelty Legislation Advocates (ACLA) Canada, and thank you for joining us. Our goal is to provide you with the latest resources related to Canadian animal cruelty/protection legislation and its enforcement. We hope that what you read here will encourage you to help animals by checking our "Take Action"* page. If you have any comments or questions, we welcome your feedback (see the "Contact Us" page).

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Our mandate and mission

ACLA Canada's mandate is to undertake the following activities as they relate to animal cruelty/protection legislation and its enforcement:

  • write, administer, and deliver petitions to courts and government leaders

  • organize rallies, events and other action campaigns

  • provide links to the latest news stories regarding animal cruelty cases

  • provide information and commentary on developments related to animals and legislation in Canada, and globally when it is relevant to the Canadian context

  • provide education about the role and status of animals in society

  • advocate for animals in whatever other ways possible

It is a quality of revolutions not to go by old lines or old laws, but to break up both and make new ones.    

                         ~ Abraham Lincoln

The mission of Animal Cruelty Legislation Advocates Canada is to advocate for animals with the public, the criminal justice system, and all levels of Canadian government, with the express goal of improving the lives and safety of animals and, by extension, people and communities, in Canada and abroad. 

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Justice the dog
Petitions delivered for Captain
Whistler Sled Dog headstone
Bryn the dog
The "Link"
Walking for Captain
An advocate at the cemetery
Animal cruelty is a crime
We support tough penalties
A sign for Captain
Captain's headstone
Judgment Day
ACLA Canada
Walking for Captain