Convicted Animal Abusers

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Alphabetical List of People Convicted of Animal Abuse or Neglect in Canada

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Names with the following symbol beside them () denote individuals who have been convicted of other crimes of violence in addition to animal cruelty (there may be other offenders on this list who have also been convicted of other such crimes but the information is not known) or have seemingly used animals to coerce, manipulate, or otherwise control a human.
Such individuals should be considered a potential threat to public safety.

Although there are photos associated with most offender records, the vast majority of the photos are of the offenders themselves. There are some records that contain photos of the animals that were abused, but we attempt to keep graphic photos to a minimum. Descriptions of the abuse the animals suffered may be graphic, but we feel it is important to include this information.

  1.    ADAMS, Catherine Jessica (2015; see also record from 2018) - Houston, British Columbia
  2.    ADAMS, Catherine Jessica (2018; see also record from 2015) - Cereal, Alberta
  3.    ADAMS, Karin Leeanna - Houston, British Columbia
  4.  ALCORN, Steven Edward - Calgary, Alberta
  5.    BARWELL, Christopher David - Edmonton, Alberta
  6.  CAMARDI, Nicolino Ivano - Calgary, Alberta
  7.  CHAILLER, Branden - Edmonton, Alberta
  8.    ENGLISH, Damara Jaye - Abbotsford, British Columbia
  9.    ENGLISH, Patrick Alexander - Abbotsford, British Columbia
  10.  GERLING, Melvin Leonard - Abbotsford, British Columbia
  11.    HARVEY, Skye Elizabeth - Saint John, New Brunswick
  12. † HILL, Michael Earl - Windsor, Ontario
  13.    HIRTREITER, Lindsey Susan - Surrey, British Columbia
  14.    IRVING, April Dawn - Leslie, Saskatchewan (Link to petition)
  15. † LUCAS, Jordan Dale - Vancouver, British Columbia
  16.    MAH, Wendell Mack - Edmonton, Alberta
  17. † McKINNON, Zachary Allen - Edmonton, Alberta
  18. † RODGERS-LANGILLE, Kyle Curtis - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  19.    SPRINGER, Kyle Jeffery (alias Kyle LONDON) - Somerville, New Brunswick AND Whitecourt, Alberta
  20. † STURGEON, Wyatt - Owen Sound, Ontario
  21. † TREMBLAY, Matthew Dean (aliases Mathew Tremblay and Matthew Peters) - Nanaimo, British Columbia
  22. † UNRUH, Justin Lee (alias Justin RECK) - Hays, Alberta
  23. † WHITLOCK, Brian Edward - Vancouver, British Columbia

DISCLAIMER: All information contained in these records is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Any errors are unintentional and will be corrected immediately upon submission of verifying documentation.