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We are firm believers that if the situation is going to improve for animals, we all need to contribute. Please take action as suggested below (click on the underlined links for further information) and come back often for updated campaigns. Thank you!

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This action campaign is an initiative of Member of Parliament (MP) Nathaniel Erskine-Smith. He is asking us to contact our MPs to request that they support the creation of a Special All-Party Parliamentary Committee to review existing animal protections and how they can be improved, and introduce national animal protection legislation to implement the committee’s recommendations. MP Erskine-Smith states the following:

Considering the support we’ve seen for new animal welfare legislation, we believe that now is an opportune time to push for more focus on animal welfare issues. That is why pushing for an all-party parliamentary committee to study animal protection laws is our next goal.

Lending your support is EASY! We've created a document you can download by clicking here for English OR clicking here for French, which includes instructions and links to everything you need to contact your MP. Please, take a few minutes to take action on this important initiative. Getting a committee like this established would be a huge step forward towards ensuring Canada's animal protection legislation is brought into the 21st century. And if you have any questions, please contact us by email at aclacanada@live.ca. THANK YOU!!

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The following petitions are open for signing. Click on the petition title links to sign, and please share them with your friends.

  1. Justice for Gus

  2. Mandatory Risk Assessment and Treatment for Animal Abusers

  3. Karin and Catherine Adams

  4. April Dawn Irving

  5. Justice for Becky

Gandhi - First they ignore you


Dog tethering/chaining causes both physical (e.g., dehydration, starvation, throat damage) and psychological (e.g., depression, neuroses, aggressiveness) effects detrimental to a dog’s health and wellbeing and leaves them vulnerable to attack by humans and other animals. Research shows that tethering dogs may cause them to become afraid, territorial, and aggressive and thereby three times more likely than untethered dogs to bite humans (especially children) and/or other animals. Limiting tethering to a certain number of hours at a time or within a 24-hour period is difficult and costly to monitor and enforce. Prohibiting unattended tethering (thereby requiring a human to be physically present at all times with tethered dogs) is the only way to ensure dogs and humans are not harmed by tethering. Tethered dogs are often neglected dogs and, because dogs are highly social animals, tethering amounts to abuse.


Please join us to help tethered dogs by clicking on the links below for further information about how to take action.

SIGN THE PETITION to ask all levels of government in Canada to ban unattended tethering of dogs.

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